Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Doree Collection!

The new collection came out today and everything costs 6 stardollars. I really like these colors, they definitely remind me of summer!

Dot Summer Collection :)

So a few days ago the new Summer Dot Collection came out, so I thought I would put together
 a few examples of the new make up.

As you can see all of the colors in this collection are very light and I personally am
not a big fan of them and won't be buying :/

Friday, June 29, 2012

Free ASDA Dress!

1. Log into Stardoll

3. Check your suite and the dress will be there!

Free Footloose Outfit!

If you are from the UK go to stardoll, log in and then go to:

If you are from any other places you need to use a web proxy such as:

Then when you are there type in

Once it loads then log in and paste:

It will take you to the footloose page and once it loads you can close the web proxy and it they should be in your suite!

New Blog! Need Writers!

My name is Catie and on Stardoll I am cma96. I've been on stardoll since 2009 and I decided that, since blogs helped me out so much when I first joined, I would create my own to help the other members. Since I'm just getting started I would like to get some writers and each can be in charge of certain posts such as Hot Buys, Free Items and new things going on with Stardoll. If you are interested in being a writer comment here or in my guestbook!

Link to my guestbook: